VIET tweaks the way CBs work, and it also adds in a few new ones. Overall, it's harder to declare wars in VIET than in vanilla. That's not to say it is near impossible to use CBs as part of your grand strategy, but rather that instead of being able to quickly steamroll with some gamey tactics, you'll have to plan out your wars much more carefully.

One change that applies to all wars is that you must have a minimum of 50 piety and 100 prestige before any war can be declared.

All tweaks to existing CBs are in both the Core and Immersion modules. New CBs are all in the Immersion module.

Vanilla CBsEdit

Project Balance CBsEdit

This section lists changes from new CBs added in Project Balance. The changes here, of course, only apply to the PB version of VIET.

New CBsEdit

This section discusses new CBs added in the Immersion module. In general, these are limited to certain cultures, religions, or special circumstances.

Eastern County ConquestEdit

Eastern County Conquest is a variant of the Muslim and Pagan county conquests available to Hindus and Buddhists. Unlike the other county conquests, it can only be used by those below King tier, and cannot be used by those who hold three or more duchy titles. As such, it is best used for early expansion and to consolidate holdings within a de jure kingdom, rather than as a tool for directionless expansion.


Turkish ConquestEdit

Turkish conquest is a special CB available to Muslim Turks close to the Byzantine Empire. Like VIET's Muslim Invasion, it targets duchies; however, it can only be used by Christian-held territories within the de jure Byzantine Empire. It cannot be used on the duchy of Thrace (ie Constantinople) unless the Byzantines have fewer that 30 realm holdings.

Shortly after a Turkish conquest is declared, the Turkish lord in question will receive a small spawned army via event, representing fellow Turkish holy warriors who join his cause. Ultimately, this CB is best used as an alternative method of seizing territories from the Byzantines as it does not incur the holy war cooldown the county conquest and Muslim invasions have.