Because VIET is modular and has a few different versions, installation is a bit more complicated than most mods. Please ask questions if you aren’t sure on anything.


  1. Download the .rar file.
  2. Install the VIET Assets module first (i.e. the "VIET Assets" folder and the associated .mod file). It’s required for all versions of VIET (except for VIET Music).
  3. Install whatever other modules you wish to use (both the mod folder and the associate .mod files). Make sure you’re using the right versions - for instance, PB users should use the PB versions (obviously).
  4. If you do not have all the portrait DLCs, go to “Portrait DLC Fix” in the “Customization Options” folder and follow the instructions there.
  5. Launch CKII and select the modules you want, and play!

If you are an old user, remember to delete all your old VIET files before installing the new ones.
If you’d like to further customize your VIET experience, be sure to check the “Customization Options” folder and “Compatches” folders. Instructions for the various customization options and compatches are included in their respective folders.
Lastly, if you want the new VIET Music, you’ll find all of the music modules at the bottom of the first post. Download and install the ones you want.

Picture GuideEdit