On this page I have listed several popular and well-known mods and mini-mods, and whether they are 1) incompatible with, 2) compatible with, or 3) already integrated into VIET. If they are compatible, I have also listed which VIET modules they are compatible with. If a mod isn't listed here, or you aren't sure about something or have come across issues running VIET with one of these mods, don't hesitate to post something in the main VIET thread.

Please be aware that other than Project Balance, I can only provide limited support for these other mods, as most of these are not my work.

Major Overhauls and other Large ModsEdit

  • Ancient Religions: PB-VIET and VIET compatches available in the ACR thread
  • CKII+: compatible versions of Events and Traits available
  • Project Balance: All modules have PB versions
  • SWMH: Compatible with Events and Traits (Fully compatible PB+SWMH version coming soon!)

Graphical and Cosmetic ModsEdit

Other Mods and Mini-ModsEdit