VIET adds a number of new religions and heresies, as well as changes and tweaks - some subtle, some not - to the way religion works in general. This page will give a brief overview of religion in general; for a more comprehensive discussion on new features and mechanics for specific religions, see the Culture/Religion-specific Mechanics page.

General ChangesEdit

VIET introduces several tweaks and changes to existing religions. In general, these include:

  • Slower religious conversion in certain circumstances. Jews and Zoroastrians for instance will take longer to convert others if their priesthoods are not reformed, while Pagans take longer for anyone to convert.
  • Catholics can now mend the schism.
  • New Mongol conversion events for new and old religions, ranging from Zoroastrianism to Hinduism.
  • Heads of religions for some religions/heresies in vanilla that didn't have any, such as the Yazidi.
  • New religious title localization - reformed Slavic paganism is called Rodnovery, for instance, and Orthodox Bishops are called Metropolitans.
  • Much more difficulty reforming a pagan religion compared to vanilla. Whereas in vanilla you only need 3 holy sites, 750 piety, and 50% moral authority, in VIET you will need 4 holy sites, 2000 piety, and 60% moral authority. This is to ensure that reformation is a rare and difficult achievement, rather than the ahistorically easy way it works in vanilla.
  • Other minor additions, particularly for heresies - Lollard priests can marry, for instance, while Manichaean priests cannot.

Additions to Vanilla ReligionsEdit


Nestorianism is now its own branch of Christianity, with its own heresies. New Christian heresies include the following:

  • Bosnian (Orthodox)
  • Chaldean (Nestorian)
  • Mandean (Nestorian)
  • Maronite (Miaphysite)
  • Paulician (Orthodox)
  • Syriac (Miaphysite)


New Muslim heresies include the following:

  • Alawite (Shiite)
  • Qadiri (Sunni)


In the future, I will make Manichaeism its own proper religion.

There is one new heresy for Zoroastrianism:

  • Zurvanite


Paganism Edit

There is one new pagan religion, East African paganism, that is widespread in East Africa. Like other pagan religions, it allows for raiding and can be reformed.

New Religion GroupsEdit


The Buddhist or Eastern religion group contains one religion, Buddhist, which has three heresies, Bon, Maitreyist, and Sammitiya.

There are a few playable Buddhist rulers who are generally semi-historical (or at least as history as the Karen Zoroastrians in vanilla CKII) - these include a few Mongol Khans, the Khitan, and several East Iranian lords at the 867 start.


The Hindu or Vedic religion group contains one religion, Hindu, which has three heresies, Bhakti, Lingayat, and Carvaka.

There are currently a few playable Hindu rulers at the 867 start who are vassals of Buddhist lords; Hindus also can appear as spawnable courtiers in various realms of the Indian Ocean.

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